First, thanks to those who helped with the poster session and those who showed up to support the trainees! The event was a big success, and everyone seemed to have a good time! Here are the winners:

Postdoc Category – Invited to speak at the Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series in early May

1st place – Dr. Lindsey R. Conroy – Markey Cancer Center – “Visualization of lung tumor microenvironmental glycogen by next generation digital pathology” – winner of $700

2nd place – Dr. Jacqueline Rivas - Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics – “Enhancing responses to immunotherapy in chronic lymphocytic leukemia” – winner of $500

3rd place – Dr. Felicia Michael - Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center – “Optimization of mitochondrial transplantation via engineered erodible hydrogels” – winner of $300

Graduate Student Category

1st place – Lyndsay E. Young - Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry – “In situ analysis of microenvironmental glycogen in Ewing’s sarcoma patient samples by mass spectrometry imaging” – winner of $200

2nd place – Jenni Ho - Toxicology and Cancer Biology – “Extracellular vesicles released after cranial radiation contain protein markers of neuronal injury and induce immune activation” – winner of $100

3rd place (tie) - Na Ding - Toxicology and Cancer Biology – “Elucidating peroxiredoxin IV secretion via unconventional protein secretory pathway” and Caitlin Miller - Toxicology and Cancer Biology – “Adaptation of redox state in cancer cells that survive radiation” – winners of $50 each

We would also like to recognize a research staff member who presented her research exceptionally well! As a result, next year we plan to create a new category for research staff so that they will be eligible for monetary awards.

Special Achievement Award for best research staff poster presentation - Maura Mobilia - Cardiovascular Research Center – “Dennd5b knockout mice are resistant to PCSK9-induced hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis”

Congratulations to everyone on behalf of the COM Trainees in Research Advisory Committee (TRAC) and the Office of Biomedical Education!!

Dr. Ann Stowe, TRAC Chair

Dr. Beth Garvy, Associate Dean for Biomedical Education

Rivas 2021 COM Poster Session.JPG