On March 30 and 31st the University of Kentucky hosted a total of 150 students from Oneida and Manchester elementary schools in Clay County Kentucky. These students are participants in a study called The Clay County Clock Study funded by CCTS. The co-PIs of the study, Jody Clasey from Kinesiology and Karyn Esser from Physiology, arranged for the students to get a “hands on” look at science at UK. The students did 4 rotations around campus including Engineering, Cardiology, Human Performance, and Microbiology. Dr. Beth Garvy, with help from Dr. Carol Pickett, Melissa Hollifield, Heather Evans, Sarai Kidd, and Dr. Brian Stevenson, provided a microbiology experience for the kids in which they were able to view bacteria and protozoa under a microscope and view cultures from places like the skin, lips, spit, and nose. The kids had a great time and the adults were worn out!