The Markesbery Symposium is held annually in memory of the late William R. Markesbery, MD, founding director of the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging and Alzheimer's Disease Research Center. Dr. Markesbery's legacy of groundbreaking research has formed the bedrock for our quest to understand and treat Alzheimer's disease and to improve the quality of life of older adults.  The two-day symposium features a daylong scientific meeting with poster session followed by a half-day community session to which the public is invited free of charge. An “Ask the Experts” panel is a popular component of the community session. 

2024 Markesbery Symposium

The 2024 Markesbery Symposium will be held September 27-28. Check back as more details will be coming soon!

Scientific Session Past Presenters
2023 Malu Tansey, PhD Targeting Chronic Inflammation and the Gut-Brain Axisto Reduce Risk for Neurodegeneration
2023 David Morgan, PhD Immune Activation in Models of Tauopathy
2023 Anika Hartz, PhD Blood-Brain Barrier Repair to Improve Cognition in Alzheimer’s Disease
2023 David Fardo, PhD A Genome-wide Association Study of Neuropathological Endophenotypes
2022 Ann McKee, MD CTE: What Is It? What Is Its Relationship to Repetitive Head Impacts?
2022 Josh Grill, PhD Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease: Translating Cutting Edge Research into Everyday Practice
2022 Kate Foley, PhD The Role of Human Plasma Biomarkers in the Diagnosis of Dementia
2022 Mark Ebbert, PhD Using Long-Read Sequencing Technologies to Identify Key Drivers and Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease
2022 Ryan Shahidehpour, Graduate Student and TRIAD T32 Trainee, The Role of Dystrophic Microglia in Neurodegenerative Diseases Related to Aging
2022 Christopher Norris, PhD Strategies for Targeting Astrocyte Reactivity in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (STAR-AD/ADRD)
2021 Frederick A. Schmitt, PhD 35 Years of the University of Kentucky Alzheimer’s DiseaseCenter: Past Discoveries and Future Directions
2021 Maj-Linda Selenica, PhD Investigating the role of hypusinated eIF5A in AD and relatedTDP-43 proteinopathy disorders
2021 Josh Morganti, PhD Diversity and susceptibility of microglial responses in a mousemodel of mixed etiology dementia
2020 Ronald Petersen, MD, PhD Is MCI Still a Viable Construct in 2020?
2020 Alison Goate, D.Phil. Human Genetics Implicates Efferocytosis in Alzheimer’s Disease
2019 Adam Brickman, PhD Reconsidering Harbingers of Alzheimer’s Disease: Risk Factors, Biomarkers, and White Matter Hyperintensities
2019 Olivier Thibault, PhD Ups and Downs of Calcium in Models of Aging and AD
2019 Jenna Gollihue, PhD Manipulating Astrocytes for Better Brain Health
2019 Kendra Hargis-Staggs, PhD Gray and White Matter Neurovascular Ceruloplasmin Expression in Alzheimer’s Disease
2019 Daniel C. Lee, PhD Emerging Role of the Polyamine Stress Response in Alzheimer’s Disease
2018 Monica W. Parker, MD Engaging the underserved in brain health and research
2018 Sanjay Asthana, MD, FACP Preclinical biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease: emerging concepts & clinical utility
2018 Donna Wilcock, PhD Identification of novel fluid biomarkers for vascular cognitive impairment and dementia (VCID)
2018 Lance Johnson, PhD Metabolic reprogramming and Alzheimer’s disease risk: the role of ApoE4
2018 Elizabeth Head, PhD Changes in cerebrovascular pathology as a function of age and Alzheimer disease in Down syndrome
2018 Dr. Gregory Jicha, MD, PhD Modulation of micro-RNA pathways by gemfibrozil in predementia Alzheimer disease: clinical translational research at Sanders-Brown Center on Aging
Community Session Past Presenters
2023 Malu Tansey, PhD Why Gut Health Matters for Brain Health
2023 David Morgan, PhD Immunotherapy for Alzheimer’s Disease: 25 Years from Mouse Models to Approved Treatment in People Living with Alzheimer’s
2023 Alaine Reschke-Hernandez, PhD, MT-BC Harmonizing Music Therapy Research in Dementia Care
2023 Frederick Schmitt, PhD Trisomy 21: Providing Insights into Dementia
2023 Gregory Jicha, MD, PhD Anti-Amyloid Therapy: Who’s Benefitting and How Do We Move Forward?
2022 Josh Grill, PhD Can We Prevent Alzheimer’s?
2022 Ann McKee, MD The Inconvenient Truth About Football
2022 Lauren Whitehurst, PhD “Sleep Tight”, “Memory Bright”: Research on the Cost of Racial Sleep Disparities for Memory Processing
2022 Elizabeth Rhodus, PhD Creating Harmony While Caring for People Living with Dementia
2021 Allan Levey, MD, PhD Accelerating Progress for Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease?
2021 Gregory Jicha, MD, PhD, & Erin Abner, PhD Aducanamab / Aduhelm: The controversial new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease
2020 Maria Carrillo, PhD Advancing the Science: The Latest in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Research
2020 Daniel Moga, MD, PhD My Medications and Why Should I Know about Them
2020 Peter Nelson, MD, PHD LATE: What It Is, Why It’s Important, and How We Might Beat It
2019 Laura D. Baker, PhD Can LIFESTYLE Impact Health of the Mind As We Age?
2019 Gregory Jicha, MD, PhD Clinical Trials Update
2018 Sanjay Asthana, MD, FACP Early Diagnosis and Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease: Role of Biomarkers and Estrogen Hormone
2018 Monica W. Parker, MD Alzheimer’s and The Brain: What We Know

Markesbery Symposium Programs & Agendas From Years Past

To view past Markesbery Symposium presentations, visit the Markesbery Symposium YouTube playlist.