New Provision in Late Policy

Prohibition on the Submission of Late Proposals for One Year after three consecutive late proposals OR three late, non-consecutive proposals within an 18-month period. 

If I have had more than three consecutive or three non-consecutive late proposals in 18 months, how long am I prohibited from submitting a late proposal?

One year from the date that your fourth proposal was late to SRAS.

What if I’m a co-I on a late submission, does that count in my late submission total?

No, a late proposal on which you are a co-I does not count as a late submission for you.

Do any late proposals I may have had prior to January 1, 2023 count in my late submission total?

No, only late proposals submitted on or after January 1, 2023, will be included in the PI’s count of late submissions.

If a funding opportunity has two phases, a Letter of Intent (LOI)/Pre-Application and a Full Application, and I’m late for both, does this count as one or two late submissions?

This would count as one late submission.  Late submissions in the form of LOIs or Preliminary Applications, that precede a full application, are not included in the total count of your late submissions.