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Tadahide Izumi, PhD

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  • Associate Professor

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  • Toxicology - Joint Faculty


Dr. Izumi's research interests include DNA damage and mutagenesis, specifically those generated by reactive oxygen species; mechanisms of cellular defense and DNA repair against the DNA damage in mammalian cells. Oxidative DNA damage is generated by internally produced reactive oxygen species (ROS) and exogenous DNA damaging reagents such as ionizing radiation and drugs used in cancer therapy. While DNA base excision repair (BER) is indispensable for normal cells to keep the genomic integrity intact against the continuous attack from ROS, cancer tissues may acquire resistance to radiation and chemotherapy with increased BER activities in the cells. This peculiar, "sword of two edges" characteristics of BER signify the complexity of the molecular carcinogenesis, and warrants further investigation of the regulation of BER toward an improved cancer therapy for organ preservation. Izumi’s lab currently focuses on how the activity of APE1, a pivotal BER enzyme, is regulated by post-translational modification including oxidation/reduction and ubiquitination.


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