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Ka Wing Fong, PhD


760 Press Ave, Research Building 2 Room341, Lexington KY40536


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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Ph.D


My research interest is to understand aberrant epigenetic regulation and cell signaling in prostate cancer. The approaches we are taking include high-throughput genomic techniques (i.e., ChIP-Seq and RNA-Seq) in combination with bioinformatics analysis, proteomics, molecular biology and pre-clinical mouse models. Based on our findings from basic research, we pursue translational research to characterize biomarkers and pursue novel therapeutics strategies for castration-resistant prostate cancer. A major focus of my work is on the regulation of androgen receptor activity by CCN3 (Fong et al, 2017 Can Res) or TRIM28 (Fong et al., 2018 Nat Commun) and the mechanism of anti-androgen resistance through CXCR7-mediated MAPK-ERK signaling in castration-resistance prostate cancer (Li* & Fong* et al., 2019 Can Res). Recently, we report a novel PRC2 subunit PALI1 promotes tumor growth through competitive recruitment of PRC2 to G9A-target chromatin for dual epigenetic silencing (Fong et al, 2022 Mol Cell). The current research focus of my lab is to elucidate the mechanism underlying castration-resistant and drug-resistant prostate cancer and to translate such knowledge into clinical applications with the use of Epigenetics, Proteomics and Metabolomics approaches.

Selected Publications

  1. Fong KW, Zhao JC, Lu X, Kim J, Piunti A, Shilatifard A, Yu J. PALI1 promotes tumor growth through competitive recruitment of PRC2 to G9A-target chromatin for dual epigenetic silencing. Mol Cell. 2022 Dec 15;82(24):4611-4626.e7.
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