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Rakshamani Tripathi, PhD

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1. Anastasia Lyon, * Rakshamani Tripathi, * Christina Meeks, Daheng He, Yuanyuan Wu, Jinpeng Liu, Chi Wang, Jing Chen, Haining Zhu, Sujata Mukherjee, Saptadwipa Ganguly, and Rina Plattner; ABL1/2 and DDR1 drive MEKi resistance in NRAS-mutant melanomas by stabilizing RAF/MYC/ETS1 and promoting RAF homodimerization. Cancers 15(3), 95 2023. (* Co-First Author)

2. Rakshamani Tripathi, Zulong Liu, Aditi Jain, Anastasia Lyon, Christina Meeks, Dana Richards, Jinpeng Liu, Daheng He, Chi Wang, Marika Nespi, Andrey Rymar, Peng Wang, Melissa Wilson, Rina Plattner; Combating acquired resistance to MAPK inhibitors in melanoma by targeting Abl1/2-mediated reactivation of MEK/ERK/MYC signaling. Nature Communication 11, 5463 (2020)

3. Rakshamani Tripathi, Leann S. Fiore, Dana L. Richards, Yuchen Yang, Chi Wang, and Rina Plattner; Abl Kinase Regulation of Cysteine Cathepsin Secretion During Melanoma Invasion and Metastasis. Science Signaling, 11 (518), eaao0422, 2018. (Cover Image) DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aao0422

4. Jain, A., Tripathi, R., Turpin, C.P., Wang, C., Plattner, R.; Abl kinase regulation by BRAF/ERK and cooperation with Akt in melanoma. Oncogene, 36 (32), 4585 2017.

5. Kaushik Bhattacharya, Arup K Bag, Rakshamani Tripathi, Suman K Samanta, Bikas C Pal, Chandrima Shaha, and Chitra Mandal; Mahanine, a novel mitochondrial complex-III inhibitor induces G0/G1 arrest through redox alteration-mediated DNA damage response and regresses glioblastoma multiforme. American Journal of Cancer Research, 4 (6), 629, 2014. PMID: 25520856

6. Rakshamani Tripathi, Dipanker Ash, and Chandrima Shaha; Beclin-1 p53 interaction is crucial for cell fate determination in embryonal carcinoma cells. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 18 (11), 2275-2286, 2014.

7. Rakshamani Tripathi, Tanmoy Samaddar, Sarika Gupta, Avadhesha Surolia and Chandrima Shaha; Anti-cancer activity of a combination of cisplatin and fisetin in embryonal carcinoma cells and xenograft tumors. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics Vol. 10, 255-268, 2011.

8. Kaushik Bhattacharya, Suma n K. Samanta, Rakshamani Tripathi, Asish Mallick, Sarmila Chandra, Bikas C. Pal, Chandrima Shaha, and Chitra Mandal; Apoptotic effects of mahanine on human leukemic cells are mediated through cross-talking between Apo- 1/Fas signaling with Bid protein and via mitochondrial pathways. Biochemical Pharmacology Vol. 79, 361-72, 2010.

9. Rakshamani Tripathi and Jayashree P. Kamat; “Free radical-induced damages to rat liver subcellular organelles: Inhibition by Andrographis paniculata extract”. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology. Vol. 45, 959-967, 2007.

10. Rakshamani Tripathi, H. Mohan, and J.P. Kamat; Modulation of oxidative damage by natural products. Food Chemistry Vol. 100, 81-90, 2007.


1. Rakshamani Tripathi, Zulong Liu, and Rina Plattner. EnABLing Tumor Growth and Progression: Recent Progress in Unraveling the Functions of ABL Kinases in Solid Tumor Cells. Current Pharmacology Reports, 5 (4), e1458016, 2018.

2. Rakshamani Tripathi and Rina Plattner. EnABLing Cathepsin-Driven Melanoma Metastasis. Molecular and Cellular Oncology, 01-07, 2018. (Invited Review).

3. Chandrima Shaha, Rakshamani Tripathi, D.P. Mishra, Male germ cell apoptosis: regulation and biology Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B, Vol 365, 1501-1515, 2010.

4. Rakshamani Tripathi, D.P. Mishra, and C. Shaha. Male germ cell development: turning on the apoptotic pathways. Journal of Reproductive Immunology, Vol 83, 31-35, 2009.


1. Tripathi, R., & Kamat, J. P. (2008). Andrographis paniculata: An emerging radioprotective agent for membrane proteins (Invited Chapter) Chapter 16, pp 227-242 (eds, Rajesh Arora). In herbal Radiomodulators: Applications in Medicine, Homeland Defense & Space, CABI Publ. Nosworthy Way, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 8DE, UK, 2008.

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