The department of pharmacology and nutritional sciences faculty are trained in the individual disciplines of pharmacology and/or nutritional sciences, with research emphases in the areas of brain cognition and aging, cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (e.g., obesity, diabetes). This multidisciplinary and collaborative research environment focuses on the development of nutritionally-based concepts and pharmacologic entities for the treatment of chronic diseases. Since nearly every chronic disease is prevented and/or treated by a combination of life-style (e.g., nutrition) and pharmacologically-based therapies, the department's unique combination of research capabilities and expertise in these disciplines promises to have an immense impact on addressing chronic disease processes.

Pharmacology Research

Our faculty has research emphases in the areas of brain cognition and aging, cancer, and cardiovascular pharmacology.

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Nutritional Science Research

The nutritional sciences division provides unique opportunities for wide-ranging interdisciplinary research collaborations targeting nutrition and chronic diseases.

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Research Center on Healthy Metabolism

The mission is to improve the health of people in Kentucky and beyond through advancing research focused on prevention and treatment of diabetes-associated microvascular dysfunction.

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Additional Research Links

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