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Deepak Kotiya, PhD


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Biography and Education


2010 - 2016: Ph.D. Molecular Medicine, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

2016-2017: Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, India

2017-2022: Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Dept. of Pharmaclogy, University of Kentucky, USA

2022- Current: Scientist-I, Dept. of Pharmaclogy, University of Kentucky, USA


Dr. Kotiya received his Ph.D. in molecular medicine from the Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi, India, 2016) for his work on the role of endocrine receptor PXR on hepatocellular carcinoma. Later he joined the University of Kentucky for his postdoctoral work on the effect of endocrine hormone amylin dyshomeostasis on Alzheimer’s disease. His current work focuses on delineating the mechanisms underlying the association between pancreatic amyloid-forming amylin and cerebral Aβ pathology in Alzheimer’s disease. In this regard, he uses his molecular and cell biology expertise in the generation of antibodies, the development of new assays (ELISA), and working with various rodent models transgenic to human amylin and beta-amyloid. In his current projects, he is working on 1) conditional mice models transgenic for human amylin in the pancreas with the presence/absence of APP/PS1 gene where human amylin gene expression can be either upregulated or downregulated by Tamoxifen treatment. 2) passive amylin immunotherapy to reduce the amylin and beta-amyloid plaque burden in AD mice model. He is recently awarded with Alzheimer's Association AARF 2024 International Research grant.

Selected Publications

    Funding : Awarded Alzheimer's Association AARF 2024 International Research grant.

  1. Kotiya Deepak, Noah Leibold, Nirmal Verma, Gregory A. Jicha, Larry B. Goldstein, and Florin Despa. "Rapid, scalable assay of amylin-β amyloid co-aggregation in brain tissue and blood." Journal of Biological Chemistry 299, no. 5 (2023).
  2. Verma, Nirmal, Gopal Viswanathan Velmurugan, Edric Winford, Han Coburn, Deepak Kotiya, Noah Leibold, Laura Radulescu et al. "Aβ efflux impairment and inflammation linked to cerebrovascular accumulation of amyloid-forming amylin secreted from pancreas." Communications biology 6, no. 1 (2023): 2.
  3. Ly, Han, Nirmal Verma, Savita Sharma, Deepak Kotiya, Sanda Despa, Erin L. Abner, Peter T. Nelson et al. "The association of circulating amylin with β‐amyloid in familial Alzheimer's disease." Alzheimer's & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions 7, no. 1 (2021): e12130.
  4. Kotiya Deepak, Bharti Jaiswal, Sampa Ghose, Rachna Kaul, Kasturi Datta, and Rakesh K. Tyagi. "Role of PXR in hepatic cancer: its influences on liver detoxification capacity and cancer progression." PLoS One 11, no. 10 (2016): e0164087.
  5. Priyanka, Kotiya Deepak, Manjul Rana, N. Subbarao, Niti Puri, and Rakesh K. Tyagi. "Transcription regulation of nuclear receptor PXR: Role of SUMO-1 modification and NDSM in receptor function." Molecular and cellular endocrinology 420 (2016): 194-207.