The Director, Deputy Director, and Executive Committee will vote on the appointment of new nominees and reappointment of existing members. Initial appointment is a term for three (3) years. Prospective UK-CARES members must demonstrate a commitment to the mission and vision of the center and are expected to participate in center events. Click the button to the left to apply online today. Interested applicants may also download a PDF of the application to use as a guide.

Types of Membership


  • UK faculty member who is currently or in the past five (5) years a principal investigator on a National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) funded grant (including Projects or Cores of NIEHS Program grants and UK-CARES pilot grants), or

  • First or senior author on at least one (1) environmental health science (EHS) focused original research article in a major journal (top tier journals, and/or major EHS journals such as Environmental Health Perspectives, Environmental Research, or Toxicological Sciences) within the last three (3) years


  • Has active EHS-related National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant support, and/or

  • Co-investigator on an NIEHS grant, and/or

  • UK faculty member who has research interests that are relevant to one or more of the UK-CARES focus areas, and/or

  • Actively engaged in UK-CARES activities (e.g., Science Communication Faculty Fellow)


  • Actively engaged in UK-CARES activities (e.g., Stakeholder Advisory Board member), and/or

  • Project director of a UK-CARES funded community grant, and/or

  • Faculty from regional colleges or universities in our target region

Benefits and Responsibilities


  • Access to up to $5K seed/professional development funds/year (Full and Associate Members)

  • Priority access to and use of core facilities at a reduced rate (Full and Associate Members)

  • Participate in annual Center meeting (All Members)

  • Invitation to all UK-CARES events, monthly newsletter and training awards for early stage investigators (All Members)

  • Opportunity to partner with more senior EHS faculty who can act as co-investigators or mentors (All Members)

  • Opportunity to serve on the review committee for UK-CARES Pilot Project Program (All Members)

  • Participation in faculty development activities that provide for exchange of ideas, shared resources, and opportunity to network and collaborate with other UK-CARES members and members of other Environmental Health Science Core Centers (EHSCC) in the U.S. to conduct interdisciplinary research in accord with the NIEHS mission (All Members)

  • Opportunity to be featured on the UK-CARES website, social media, and other promotional materials (All Members)

  • Interaction with community partners to address local environmental health concerns through the Community Engagement Core (All Members)


  • Contribute scientific or administrative expertise to the research mission of UK-CARES (Full Members)

  • Contribute to the educational and outreach activities of the UK-CARES Community Engagement Core (Full Members)

  • Use approved, standard citation language (shown below) to cite the grant in all related publications/presentations and incorporate logo as appropriate (All Members)

    • “This publication or project was supported by UK-CARES through Grant P30 ES026529. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the NIEHS.”

  • Participate in UK-CARES seminars, socials, retreats, interest groups, symposia, and surveys (All Members)

  • Attend UK-CARES EHS seminars which feature both local and national environmental health researchers (All Members) 

  • Use UK-CARES core facilities to advance their research (All Members)