Goals of an Environmental Health Sciences Core Center

Advance Scientific Research

UK-CARES provides a collaborative environment for researchers to exchange ideas and perspectives. Access to Facility Cores, such as the Analytical Core, drives the development of new techniques and methodologies. This team approach to science leads to novel, innovative research that would be difficult for a researcher to accomplish on their own.

Promote Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Core (CEC) translates and disseminates center research results into information community members, decision makers, public health professionals, and educators can use to protect and improve public health. This is accomplished by sharing research findings with community partners and conveying concerns back to center researchers so they are aware of the issues important to the community.

Advance Translational Research

The Integrated Health Science Facility Core (IHSFC) promotes collaboration among basic scientists, clinical researchers, community engagement experts, and public health practitioners. These collaborations facilitate translation of basic mechanistic and toxicological research into knowledge and information that can be used to improve public health or clinical practices.

Support the Next Generation

The Career Development and Pilot Project Programs provide investigators with the training, mentoring, resources, and opportunities necessary to enhance their skills to become independent and successful researchers.