• Tenure-track and clinical track with a history of extramural funding and/or a recent history of extensive scientific productivity (grant submissions and manuscripts).
  • The faculty member’s submitted funding request for an NIH RO1 or equivalent, NSF, or VA grant was not approved but the application did receive an encouraging score. 
  • Faculty members with substantial funding from other sources are not eligible.


  • The COM provides up to $50,000 per year in bridge funding. Small R type award projects will be considered but with a COM maximum up to $20,000 per year.
  • A faculty member’s department must provide a 1:1 match in addition to providing faculty salaries. 
  • With the contribution from the COM and from the department, the total possible funding is up to $100,000.
  • Each project is eligible for two years of bridge funding with a competitive application submission required each year.

Application Process

  • Complete the Bridge Funding Application.
  • Letter of Support from Departmental Chair/Center Director including confirmation that the department will match the funds and cover salary.
  • NIH Biosketch
  • NIH Critique Documents.
  • List of all laboratory personnel and the funds to which they are sourced.
  • Budget reviewed and approved by lead department administrator.  Approval can be indicated with initials on the budget document.
  • Submit a single PDF of all documents to the Vice Dean for Research at medicineresearch@uky.edu.

Review Process and Notification of Awards

Bridge funding packets will be reviewed by a group of the senior leadership within the College of Medicine. Award announcements are typically made within 1 month of the submission date.

Bridge funding can be used for any research costs except faculty salary support and graduate stipends or tuition.

Procedures and Regulations


All regulatory approvals must be active at the time of application and must be kept active during the project period.  Lapse or suspension of required regulatory approvals may result in the immediate termination of bridge funding support. 

Progress Report

A progress report is required at the mid-point of the year of funding. If the progress report is not filed, funding will be suspended. The progress report should be submitted in the format of an NIH non-competing renewal and include an itemized expenditure report for both the bridge funding account and the departmental matched funds.

Final Report

A final report is required at the end of the 12 month funding period.  No future funding will be considered in the absence of the report.  The final report should be submitted in the format of an NIH final report addressing specifically B1 and B2 of the Accomplishments section.  It should also include an itemized expenditure report for both the bridge funding account and the departmental matched funds.  

Financial Procedures

  • 50% of the COM Bridge Funding budget will be awarded into a unique account at the time of award activation.  The PI must submit a progress report by the 6th month of funding.  After approval of the progress report, the remaining 50% of funds will be moved to the account.
  • The COM Bridge Funding budget amount must be matched 1:1 by the Department. 
  • Salary support and non-Departmental accounts (i.e. grants) are not considered appropriate sources for matching funds.   Use of grant funding as matching support requires prior justification and approval.
  • Expenditures must be directly applied to the bridge funding account.  Departmental clearing accounts should not be used to park expenses.  The expenses for the Department matching funds should not be temporarily placed on the Bridge Funding account.
  • 25% of the Bridge Funding amount can be carried over from the initial 6 month interval of support and no carryover is permissible after the 12th month of the award.
  • The department is required to produce an expenditure report monthly for all faculty members receiving bridge funding.  The report needs to detail both the COM Bridge funding account and the departmental matched account. 
  • The midpoint progress report should be in the format of an RO1 report for a non-competitive renewal.  The progress report should also include an itemized expenditure report for both the COM bridge funding account and the Department match account. 
  • Wethington Awards are not available to any faculty receiving bridge funding.
  • In the event that significant funding is obtained during the bridge funding period, unexpended bridge funds will be returned to the Dean’s office at the time of activation of the award.