A pioneer in the study and development of Endourology, minimally invasive Urology, will be the Spring 2015 Edward Hunt Ray, Sr. Visiting Professor in Urology on Friday, June 26.

Ralph Clayman, MD, Founder of the Endourology Society and Professor of Urology at the University of California-Irvine, will make three presentations throughout the day on Friday in the MN 263 lecture hall in the William R. Willard Medical Education Building.

Clayman completed a urology residency at the University of Minnesota in 1979. He moved to Washington University in St. Louis where he eventually rose to the rank of Professor of Urology and Radiology.

In 1990, he and his team performed the world’s first laparoscopic removal of a tumor-bearing kidney. He has since performed several other “firsts” in the field of minimally-invasive urologic surgery. In addition to his surgical work, Clayman holds 14 patents on devices or instruments used in minimally-invasive surgery.

He proceeded to establish the first fellowship program in Endourology at Washington University before accepting an offer to chair the new Urology Department at UC-Irvine. While leading the program to a national top 20 ranking, he also served as co-editor of the Journal of Endourology.  

Clayman’s first presentation, “Renal Urolithiasis: Treatment Update 2015”, is scheduled for the morning after opening remarks from Stephen Strup, MD, Chair of the UK Urology Department. He will follow at about 10:30 a.m. with personal reflections on creativity and the academic process. Following a lunch break, Clayman will conclude with “Urological Surgical Training: A Changing Scene.”

Between Clayman’s addresses, urology residents will be making case presentations.

The celebration and visiting professorship will conclude Friday evening at the Hilary Boone Center where the Department of Urology will host its Chief Resident Graduation Banquet.

The banquet will honor two physicians who will be completing their residencies, Lauren N. Hendrix, MD and John M. Lacy, MD. Another physician in the Urology department, L. Jeremy Johnson, MD, will finish an Endourology fellowship at the same time.



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