Center for Cancer and Metabolism COBRE Pilot Awards

The Center for Cancer and Metabolism’s (CCM) pilot program funds projects focused on cancer and metabolism. Pilot grants awarded through this program should have the potential to generate competitive extramural applications and peer-reviewed publications.

Eligibility and Awardee Commitments

  • CCM pilots are open to any UK faculty member with an interest in any aspects of cancer, genetics, epigenetics or metabolism.
  • Pilot projects will be required to use one of the two CCM cores (Imaging or Metabolism). This requirement does not preclude the use of other available core facilities. 
  • Awardees will be asked to participate in CCM meetings to present their work and progress on their project.
  • Awardees are required to acknowledge the support of the CCM in their resulting grants and publications. Pilot awardees are also required to submit an annual progress report to CCM administration for review at the end of their project period (or two months after its closing date).

Review Process

  • Complete applications will be reviewed and scored by the CCM Internal Advisory Board and other senior faculty at UK whose research aligns with the proposed pilot project.
  • Reviewers will use the standard NIH (1-9) scoring system.
  • Funding recommendations will be made by the CCM Executive Committee in conjunction with the CCM External Advisory Committee.
  • Applications that receive the highest preliminary scores will be asked to give a brief presentation on the afternoon of July 7th in order to be approved by the CCM External Advisory Committee. The CCM External Advisory Committee will have an in-person meeting on July 17, 2023.
  • Application Format and Contents

Application Format and Contents

Combine the files listed below in the following order, into one PDF document. Applications should be submitted to J. Bybee ( before 5 pm on May 17, 2023.

Materials should be submitted with 0.5” margins and in Arial 11 font.

Use NIH PHS 398 forms, page limit guidelines and relevant directives for the following materials (required):

  • Face page
  • Project summary. Include a statement about how the work performed under this award will be used to generate NIH grant proposals. 
  • Budget
  • Budget justification (no page limit)
  • Biosketch of PI and co-investigators
  • Specific Aims (limited to 1 page)
  • Research strategy (limited to 6 pages)
  • References (optional)
  • PHS FORMS E - Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information Form (including any forms/documents that are required based on responses to the questions within that form; this may include Protection of Human Subjects, Inclusion Enrollment Table, etc.)
  • Documentation of IRB and/or IACUC status (submitted, pending, etc.) and/or approvals for this project (required)
  • Letters of support (optional)
  • Letters of support (optional)

Budget Information

  • PI effort is required and the NIH salary cap applies.
  • If cost sharing is proposed, approval will be required from the department chair, director, and assistant dean for research before the award funding will be made available.
  • Multiple PIs are not permitted.
  • Subcontracts are not permitted.
  • Budgets should include direct costs only. 

Do you have programmatic or specific application questions?

Please address questions to Nathan Vanderford, PhD, MBA (