After a successful seven months serving in an acting capacity, Angela Dearinger, MD, MPH, has been named the executive vice dean for the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. Her role went into effect on April 1. 

“Dr. Dearinger’s exceptional record of academic and health care leadership, outreach, and relationship-building makes her a perfect fit to continue in this role, and she will remain a vital component of our college’s success,” said Dean Chipper Griffith, MD, MSPH.

Dr. Dearinger will continue to serve as Dean Griffith’s designated representative to constituents throughout the college, community, state of Kentucky, and beyond. She will help develop outreach strategies and maintain the college’s continued growth by aligning external activities with the strategic plan.

Dr. Dearinger will continue to nurture her strong existing connections with legislators, academic institutions, and health care partners across the state, working collaboratively so that UK can further play a role in the advancement of Kentucky health.

Among other responsibilities, Dr. Dearinger will also support the future of the College of Medicine by assisting the dean in the recruitment of exceptional leaders to carry out important administrative duties.

“I am very excited to continue building upon established relationships with our internal and external partners in our shared goal of advancing medical education and improving health outcomes throughout the Commonwealth,” Dr. Dearinger said. 

In addition to being executive vice dean, Dr. Dearinger is an associate professor of medicine and has served on the faculty since 2007. 

Her most recent UK leadership roles were assistant dean for accreditation through the Office of Graduate Medical Education, as well as the assistant dean for student affairs with a focus on well-being and professionalism through the Office of Medical Education. 

Currently, she is the president of the Lexington Medical Society. She also serves as a member of the Kentucky Medical Association (KMA) Commission on Public Health, the KMA Commission on Licensure and Workforce, and the board of directors of the Kentucky Blood Center.

She previously served as the associate chief of staff for education at the Lexington VA Health Care System, managing health professions trainees and clinical programs.

As Kentucky’s public health commissioner in 2019, Dr. Dearinger helped lead statewide public health programs, launch the Kentucky Perinatal Quality Collaborative, and worked with state legislators to improve Kentucky’s public health system. 

In addition, Dr. Dearinger was an appointed member of the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure.