Date Event Title Speaker
12/06/2024 TBD
11/29/2024 Thanksgiving Week
11/22/2024 TBD
11/15/2024 TBD
11/08/2024 TBD
11/01/2024 TBD
10/25/2024 TBD Henk Granzier, PhD
10/18/2024 TBD
10/11/2024 TBD Morgan Salmon, PhD, MBA
10/04/2024 FCPS Fall Break
09/27/2024 TBD Jonathan Brown, MD
09/20/2024 Cardiovascular Research Day
09/13/2024 TBD Mete Civelek, PhD
06/11/2024 TBD Yumei Feng Early, MD, PhD
05/21/2024 TBD Scott Early, PhD
04/26/2024 ER Remodeling in Vascular Homeostasis and Disease Jun Yu, MD
04/19/2024 TBD Xiaochun Long, PhD
04/12/2024 Sex Differences in Bile Acids Impact Cholesterol Homeostasis and Cardiovascular Disease Kelsey Jarrett, PhD
04/05/2024 Fayette County Public Schools Spring Break
03/29/2024 The Role of Macrophage-Mediated Inflammation Resolution During Tissue Repair Brian Sansbury, PhD
03/22/2024 TBD Lacramioara Ivanciu, PhD
03/15/2024 UK Spring Break
03/08/2024 Regulation of Lipoprotein Metabolism by ANGPTL3 Brandon Davies, PhD
03/01/2024 TBD
02/23/2024 High Density Lipoprotein: A Structured Platform for Diverse Biological Functions Sean Davidson, PhD
02/16/2024 TBD
02/09/2024 Vascular Disease Dynamics: Rise and Fall of the SMC Clones Daniel Greif, MD
02/02/2024 10th Annual Healthy Hearts for Women Symposium
01/26/2024 New Modulators of Cellular LDL Uptake Identified Using a Whole-Genome CRISPR/Cas9 Knockout Screen: Current Status and Future Directions Diego Lucero, PhD
12/08/2023 Plasma Membrane Rupture in Systemic Coagulation Congqing Wu, PhD
12/01/2023 Mechanisms Linking the Hemostatic System to Acute Liver Injury and Repair James Luyendyk, PhD
11/24/2023 Thanksgiving Week
11/17/2023 -Rescheduled for April 2024- Jun Yu, MD
11/10/2023 TBD
11/03/2023 The Long and Winding [SRF] Road Joe Miano, PhD