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Utilizing Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Current research   focuses on utilizing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and functional MRI technologies   to study aging and degenerative disease in awake non-human primate model. Brain   activation induced by pharmacological stimulation is mapped by using endogenous   blood oxygenation level dependent (BOLD) mechanism to study functional architecture   of basal ganglia circuits. The study will let us better understand the anatomy,   physiology and pharmacology of those structures. Another research interest is   using the non-human primate parkinsonian model to investigate the basal ganglia   pathways which involve Levo-dopa induced side effects. This study can lead us   to find a better strategy to treat Parkinson's disease.

Selected Publications

Gash,   D. M., Z. Zhang, et al.  Functional   recovery in parkinsonian monkeys treated with GDNF. Nature 380(6571):   252-5, 1996

Ovadia,   A., Z. Zhang, et al.  Increased   susceptibility to MPTP toxicity in middle-aged rhesus monkeys. Neurobiology   Aging 16(6): 931-7, 1995

Zhang,   Z., Y. Miyoshi, et al. Dose response to intraventricular glial cell   line-derived neurotrophic factor administration in parkinsonian monkeys. Journal   of Pharmacol Exp Ther 282(3): 1396-401, 1997

Gash,   D. M., Z. Zhang, et al.  Neuroprotective   and neurorestorative properties of GDNF.    Ann Neurol 44(3 Suppl 1): S121-5, 1998

Zhang,   Z., M. Zhang, et al.  MPTP-Induced   pallidal lesions in rhesus monkeys.  Experimental    Neurology. 155(1): 140-9, 1999

Duan,   W., Z. Zhang, et al.  Participation   of prostate apoptosis response-4 in degeneration of dopaminergic neurons in   models of Parkinson's disease.  Ann   Neurol 46(4): 587-97, 1999

Zhang,   Z., A. Andersen, et al.  Motor   slowing and parkinsonian signs in aging rhesus monkeys mirror human aging.  J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 55(10): B473-80, 2000

Zhang,   Z., A. H. Andersen, et al.  Functional   MRI of apomorphine activation of the basal ganglia in awake rhesus monkeys.    Brain Res 852(2): 290-6, 2000

Zhang,   Z., A. Andersen, et al.  Pharmacological   MRI mapping of age-associated changes in basal ganglia circuitry of awake   rhesus monkeys.  Neuroimage   14(5): 1159-67, 2001

Andersen,   A., Zhiming Zhang et al.  MRI compatible chamber and training protocol   for pharmacological MRI study in awake rhesus monkeys.  J Neurosci   Methods 118(2): 141-52, 2002.

Grondin,   R., Zhang, Z., Yi Ai et al.  Chronic controlled GDNF infusion promotes   structural and functional recovery in advanced parkinsonian monkeys.    Brain 125 (10): 2191-201, 2002.