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Steve S. Kraman, MD



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  • Internal Medicine - Pulmonary

Biography and Education


Fellowship: Queens Hospital Center and Brookdale Hospital, NY
Residency: Brookdale Hospital
Medical School: University of Puerto Rico

Selected Publications

Kraman, S. S. The ins and outs of respiration: Gas exchange and the alveolar air equation. Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 2006;13(5):296-300

Kraman, S. S., Pressler, G. A., Pasterkamp, H, and G. R. Wodicka. Design, Construction, and Evaluation of a BioAcoustic Transducer Testing (BATT) System for Respiratory Sounds. IEEE Transactions of Biomed. Eng. 2006;53(8);1711-1715.

Kraman, S. S. The ins and outs of respiration: Oxygen diffusion through the alveolar-capillary membrane and its measurement. Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 2007;14(2):106-109.

Kraman, S. S., Wodicka, G. R., Pressler, G. A. and H. Pasterkamp. Comparison of Lung Sound Transducers using a BioAcoustic Transducer Testing System. J. Appl. Physiol. 2006;101:469-476

Kraman, S. S. Lesser Used Tests of Pulmonary Function: Compliance, Resistance and Dead Space. COPD 2007;4(1):49-54.

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Zañartu, M, Ho J. C., Kraman, S. S., Pasterkamp, H, Huber, J. E. and G. R. Wodicka. Air-Borne and Tissue-Borne Sensitivities of Bioacoustic Sensors used on the Skin Surface. IEEE Transactions of Biomed. Eng. 2009;56(2):443-451.

Hayes, D and S. S. Kraman. The physiologic basis of spirometry. Respiratory Care. 2009;(54)12:1717-1726.

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