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Jonathan Vincent



  • MD/PhD Student
  • Graduate Research Assistant

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  • SCOBIRC - Graduate Student

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Current Year: G1

Selected Publications

Clark JF, Selmanovic E, Drewry TK, Vincent JC, Kuehn-Himmler A, Mangine RE, Hasselfeld KA, Khoury J, Polanski D, and Divine JG. "Survey of Prevention and Intervention Strategies Reducing Return to Play Post-Concussion in Division 1 Football," NeuroSports: Vol. 1 , Article 5. 2020. Clark JF, Mangine R, Hasselfeld K, Schramm V, Colosimo A, Kuehn-Himmler A, Holloway G, Fosselmen D, Vincent JC, Giordano N, Divine JG. An Objective Method to Assess and Recommend Exertion and Exercises Targets for Return to Play Post Concussion. J NeuroSport. Vol. 1 , Article 4. 2020. Vincent JC, Divine JG, Clark JF, et al. A Test Panel to Assess and Document an Absence of Concussive Signs for Sports Related Concussion. J Sports Perf Vis. 2020. Vol 2(1):e29-e35. Matar, R. N., Shah, N. S., Vincent, J. C., Rayos Del Sol, S., & Grawe, B. M. Factors that influence inpatient satisfaction after shoulder arthroplasty. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, 30(4), e165-e172. 2019.