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Cedric Thiel, MD


  • GME Resident

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Why did you choose the University of Kentucky?

I came to UK for the people and the training. I value the cohesiveness of the team and how well everyone works together. I appreciate having exposure to the full gamut of otolaryngologic pathology and acuity without having to deal with the hassles of living in a major metropolitan area.

What do you like about your program?

I'm happy to work with and learn from a group of residents and faculty who have each other's back and have become a second family.

What are your hobbies?

Lexington is big enough to have the amenities of a city without the traffic or crowds, and I love living just a short drive away from miles of trails in the local nature reserves and the mountains.


Current Year: PGY-5
Walla Walla Univ., Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Hometown: Pasco, Washington