Congratulations to Zhu Zhu, MD, PhD, who was selected as the April 2024 GME Resident of the Month!

Dr. Zhu was chosen for her demonstration of medical knowledge, clinical acumen, efficiency, teamwork, empathy, and kindness. These traits were on display when mentoring students, coordinating with other teams and services, and asking thought provoking questions related to patient care.

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Medical Knowledge

“Fantastic week on service with Dr. Zhu.  She has a solid medical knowledge base to back her clinical skills.  Documentation is timely and accurate.  She even did a literature review and educated us on management of stroke patients where the guidelines were not direct.  In addition, she is kind and respectful. Mentored the medical student on service.  Overall, she is doing very well, looking forward to working more with her.”

“Dr. Zhu demonstrated remarkable proficiency in the VA service, consistently providing superb assessments and plans that underscore her clinical acumen.  She adeptly identifies diverse issues and presents them logically and cohesively.  Her efficiency in handling tasks is also noteworthy.”

Care Coordination

“I worked with Dr. Zhu on our Stroke ICU and consult service.  Dr. Zhu managed the team well by coordinating with the critical care medicine team, discharge planning team, and other services.  Dr. Zhu was organized every day and developed strong plans for patients.  Dr. Zhu demonstrated a logical thought process and asked thought-provoking questions about evidence-based management related to the patients.  I look forward to Dr. Zhu’s continued growth as a neurologist.”

Selected Publications

  • Zhu Z, Vanderschelden B, Lee SJ, Blackwill H, Shafie M, Soun JE, Chow D, Chang P, Stradling D, Qian T, Yu W. Methamphetamine use increases the risk of cerebral small vessel disease in young patients with acute ischemic stroke. Sci Rep. 2023 May 25;13(1):8494.
  • Yu C, Zhu Z, Li S, Xu Y, Yan W, Kang X, Li Y, Dong Q, Tang W, Han X. Clinical and radiological features of medullary infarction caused by spontaneous vertebral artery dissection. Stroke Vasc Neurol. 2022 Jun;7(3):245-250
  • Tran D, Zhu Z, Shafie M, Abcede H, Stradling D, Yu W. Three easily-implementable changes reduce median door-to-needle time for intravenous thrombolysis by 23 minutes. BMC Neurol. 2019 Nov 26;19(1):300

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More About Dr. Zhu

She conducted clinical research on stroke at University of California Irvine and published work on substance abuse and stroke in young patients. Her clinical and research interests include stroke and neurocritical care. Dr. Zhu spends her personal time reading, traveling, and watching movies.