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Sanjay Dhar, MD

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  • Internal Medicine - Pulmonary

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Critical Care Fellowship: The Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship: New York Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York, NY Residency: Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, Weill Medical College, Cornell University, New York, NY Medical School: Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Indore, India

Selected Publications

Peter E. Morris, MD; Michael J. Berry, PhD; D. Clark Files, MD; J. Clifton Thompson, RN; Jordan Hauser, MS; Lori Flores, RN; Sanjay Dhar, MD;Elizabeth Chmelo, MS; James Lovato, MS; L. Douglas Case, PhD; Rita N. Bakhru, MD, MS; Aarti Sarwal, MD; Selina M. Parry, PhD; Pamela Campbell, RN; Arthur Mote; Chris Winkelman, PhD; Robert D. Hite, MD; Barbara Nicklas, PhD; Arjun Chatterjee, MD, MS; Michael P. Young, MD. “Standardized Rehabilitation and Hospital Length of Stay Among Patients With Acute Respiratory Failure”. A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA June 28, 2016 Volume 315, Number 24. 2694-2702 Choi SJ, Files DC, ZhangT, Wang ZM, Messi ML, Gregory H, Stone J, Lyles MF, Dhar S, Marsh AP, Nicklas BJ, Delbono O.Intramyocellular lipid and impaired myofiber contraction in normal weight and obese older adults. J Gerontol A Biol Sci. 2016; 71(4):557-564 Aarti Sarwal, Ann Liu, Michael S Cartwright, Sanjay Dhar, Peter Morris. “Sonography for Assessing Dynamic Diaphragm Dysfunction in Acute Respiratory Distress”. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine September 2015 34:1701-1706 Aarti Sarwal, MD; Selina M. Parry, PT; Michael J. Berry, PhD; Fang-Chi Hsu, PhD; Marc T Lewis; Nicholas W. Justus; Peter E. Morris, MD; Linda Denehy, PhD; Sue Berney, PhD; Sanjay Dhar, MD; Michael S. Cartwright, MD, MS “Inter-rater Reliability of Quantitative Muscle Ultrasound Analysis in the Critically Ill Population” Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, doi:10.7863/ultra.34.7.1191,2015 July Sanjay Dhar, Barbara Nicklas, Mary Lyles, Peter Morris, Osvaldo Delbono, DC Files Skeletal Muscle Ultrasound as a tool to assess muscle function. Critical Care Medicine 2014 Volume 42, Number 12 ( Suppl) A 698 Sanjay Dhar, Aarti Sarwal, DC Files, M Berry, J Hauser, P Campbell, C Thompson, Peter Morris. Muscle Ultrasound & Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB) to predict ICU functional outcomes. Critical Care Medicine Dec 2013 Volume 41, Number 12; A 376 D Files, P Morris, S Shrestha, S Dhar, M Young, J Hauser, E Chmelo, C Thompson, L Dixon, K Murphy, B Nicklas, M Berry. Randomized, controlled pilot study of early rehabilitation strategies in acute respiratory failure 2013/3/19 Journal Critical Care Volume 17 Issue Suppl 2 Pages P540 Aarti Sarwal, Karamie Bringolf, Michael Cartwright, Fang-chi Hsu, M Berry, David Bowton, Sanjay Dhar, Peter Morris. Early serial changes on diaphragm muscle ultrasound may predict duration of mechanical ventilation. Critical Care Medicine Dec 2013 Volume 41, Number 12; A 377 Maxx Caveney, Michael Cartwright, Peter Morris, Sanjay Dhar, Aarti Sarwal Respiratory Muscle Changes in Neurocritical Patients: Effect of MV, Age, Obesity and Volume Status Critical Care Medicine 2014 Volume 42, Number 12 (Suppl) A 563