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Matthew Stowe JD


OFFICE: 859-323-2375
740 South Limestone St.


  • Clinical Administrator IV/UKHC

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Matt Stowe is the Service Line Administrator for the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery.

Matt joined UK Healthcare in August of 2018, leaving a position as Neurology Department Administrator at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.  As Department Administrator at UTSW, Matt oversaw a $32 million dollar department budget, over 300 employees, and department operations that included multiple outpatient clinics, research programs, revenue cycle, information services, decision support, and academic affairs.  Before serving as the Neurology DA, Matt served as research programs manager, creating a multi-departmental clinical research unit from the ground up that, at the time of his departure, boasted over 35 clinical research coordinators and over 130 active clinical studies, including 7 as part of NeuroNEXT, an NIH award for which he was one of the principle authors.  Matt cut his teeth in administration at  Washington University Medical Center in St. Louis as the Administrative Director of the Hope Center for Neurological Disorders having been chosen for the position because of his experience as an Assistant Professor and NIH-funded principle investigator.   Matt conducted research and analysis as an Assistant Professor (research track) at the University of Kansas Beach Center on Disability where he was principle investigator on a grant from NHGRI investigating disability perspectives and policies on the human genome project, as well as co-investigator for the Beach Center on Families and Disability, a Research and Rehabilitation Training Center funded by NIDRR.  Matt has published 5 books/chapters, 25 articles, and 4 externally requested reports focusing primarily on disability policy, special education law, and bioethics. 


Matt earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Kansas School of Law in 1999 and a Bachelor's of Arts in English from KU.