The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Surgical Skills Laboratory uses the most modern and advanced technology for surgical skills, techniques and education. The laboratory is available for specialized training in performing and analyzing an array of medical and surgical procedures both current and experimental. Equipped with six complete arthroscopy stations, the skills lab enables users to perform arthroscopic, as well as open surgical techniques, providing opportunities to perfect and develop procedures and products

"With new arthroscopic techniques emerging more and more rapidly, training courses have become a necessity for every sports medicine surgeon in the country," said Dr. Christian Lattermann, UK Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Cartilage Repair and Restoration. "Training facilities like ours provide the necessary state-of-the-art framework to teach excellence and innovative surgical techniques. This is the finest training facility in Kentucky and will provide orthopaedic residents and board certified orthopaedic surgeons outstanding access to further their knowledge and skills."

 The laboratory is available for use for both corporate and University teaching and training.

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