Congratulations to the pathology faculty and residents on all their accomplishments. Below are recent accomplishments concluding our 2022-2023 academic year.
  • Thèrése Bocklage, MD,  received an equipment award from the Office of the Vice President for Research The details are below and Dr. Bocklage feels this equipment will “provide excellent translational opportunities for our faculty”. Congratulations Dr. Bocklage!

Equipment funded: CometTM Multiplex Immunofluorescence Spatial Profiling Platform

VPR Funds awarded: $296,000

Cost-share funds expected: $74,000

Total cost of the equipment: $370,000

  • Alex Fenwick, MD, was recognized as a nominee for the 2023 Saha Patient-Centered Care Award!  The Saha Award for Patient-Centered Care, sponsored by the Saha Foundation, was established to honor healthcare employees who exhibit a high sense of professionalism, and a moral obligation to high-quality patient-centered care. The award is presented annually to five UK HealthCare Employees. These individuals represent each of the designated categories of professional healthcare disciplines. They have exhibited a high commitment to our patients, quality of care and the UK HealthCare DIReCT Values. Congratulations Dr. Fenwick!
  • Aaron Shmookler, MD, has been appointed by the ASCP to the Case Reports Editorial Board Committee as a section editor, Transfusion Medicine.  Excellent work Dr. Shmookler!
  • Kim Absher, MD, Derek Allison, MD, Juanita Ferreira, MBBS, Autumn Hammonds, DO, and Bob McDonald, DO, collaborated on a recently published Nature Communications article. Congratulations to all!

Conroy LR*, Clarke HA*, Allison DB*, Valenca SS, Sun Q, Hawkinson TR, Young LEA, Ferreira JEHammonds AV, Dunne JB, McDonald RJAbsher KJ, Dong BE, Bruntz RC, Markussen KH, Juras JA, Alilain WJ, Liu J, Gentry MS, Angel PM, Waters CM, Sun RC. Spatial metabolomics reveals glycogen as an actionable target for pulmonary fibrosis. Nature Communications. 2023 May 13;14(1):2759. PMID: 37179348; PMCID: PMC10182559. *Co-first Authors

  • Dr. Derek Allison is senior author and Emily Bachert, MD, and Bob McDonald, DO, are co-authors on a recent publication in the Journal of Personalized Medicine.  Congratulations to all!

Myint ZW, Chahine Z, Jayswal R, Bachert SEMcDonald RJ, Strup SE, James AC, Hensley PJ, Allison DB. Association of CD47 Expression with Clinicopathologic Characteristics and Survival Outcomes in Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer. Journal of Personalized Medicine. 2023; 13(6):885.

  • Dr. Derek Allison and Thèrése Bocklage recently contributed to a timely article about using AI in digital image analysis for tumor microenvironment assessment.  Great work!

DuCote TJ, Naughton KJ, Skaggs EM, Bocklage TJAllison DB, Brainson CF. Using artificial intelligence to identify tumor microenvironment heterogeneity in non-small cell lung cancers. Lab Invest. 2023 May 12:100176. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 37182840.

  • Dr. Derek Allison has had a couple of more publications recently, please see below for more of his outstanding work!

Castle JT, Levy BE, Allison DB, Rodeberg DA, Rellinger EJ. Pediatric Rhabdomyosarcomas of the Genitourinary Tract. Cancers. 2023; 15(10):2864.  This is an excellent collaboration with UK’s Pediatric Surgery group.

Published in the May edition of CAP Today:

Adequacy in cytopathology: focus on cytology specimen use in molecular testing - CAP TODAY (

  • Dr. Juanita Ferreira has been very busy lately.  She has had two abstracts accepted for the CAP 2023 annual meeting and two cases she collaborated on with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles were accepted for presentation at the upcoming Society for Hemepath 2023 Workshop.  One of these cases will be an oral platform presentation!  Congratulations Dr. Ferreira on all of these achievements!
  • Drs. Derek Allison and Treeva Jassim recently collaborated on a Pathology Outlines chapter on salivary glands titled “Sclerosing microcystic adenocarcinoma.”  Great work from Dr. Allison and one of our recent graduates!

  • Dr. Derek Allison was recently named Co-PI of an NIH R01 grant.  Below are the details, congratulations Dr. Allison!

R01 CA266004-01 (PI: Sun, R & Allison, DB)           NIH/NCI                                                                                                                                                              $3,731,932

Title: Aberrant Glycogen in Lung Adenocarcinoma Tumorigenesis

Goal: Diagnosis of non-precision medicine targetable lung cancer represents a bleak future with lower chance of survival and a poor quality of life. For many lung cancer patients, the only treatment options available are traditional multi-agent chemotherapy coupled with surgery and/or radiation. This project will explore the pathogenic roles of glycogen in lung cancer biology and progression and drive the discovery of personalized therapies that can be leveraged for the lung cancer patients that only qualify for conventional chemotherapy.

  • Hafsa Nebbache, MD, has wonderful news…she won the 2023 CAP Leadership Development Award AND had two abstracts accepted for the CAP ’23 Annual Meeting in October in Chicago!  Her mentors on these abstracts are Dr. Justin Rueckert and Dr. Nathan Shelman.  Congratulations Dr. Nebbache and excellent work everyone!
  • Solitary fibrous tumor of the pancreas masquerading as a neuroendocrine tumor clinically Authors: Hafsa Nebbache. MD, Mohmmed Hussein. MD, Justin Rueckert DO
  • Congenital Intra-Abdominal Adhesion Band Causing Ketoacidosis due to Intestinal Ischemia: An Autopsy Report Authors: Hafsa Nebbache. MD, Nathan Shelman MD
  • Dr. Pete Nelson is the Co-PI on a newly funded NIA research project titled “Genetic Architecture of Aging-Related TDP-43 and Mixed Pathology Dementia,” which they hope will help “to untangle how genetic factors contribute to dementia.”  See the link below for the UK Now article on their efforts.  Great work Dr. Nelson!


Thanks to all the faculty, residents, and staff for a great end of the academic year. We can't wait to celebrate more of our department's accomplishments in 2023-2024.