Please join us as we congratulate Lisa Tannock, MD, who recently received a leadership title change to reflect her growing responsibilities and ensure equity in her position. The new title went into effect July 1, 2022.

Dr. Tannock’s responsibilities include a wide range of activities related to the faculty of our college including oversight of executive searches, faculty compensation plans, faculty distribution of effort, annual faculty evaluations, faculty development and leadership training, the faculty appointment, promotion and tenure process, and more.

In FY 21-22, Dr. Tannock was instrumental in creating a more accountable performance evaluation system for clinical faculty, and she remains actively involved in the ACE plan implementation for basic science faculty. She has greatly expanded faculty oversight, aligning with the considerable increase in faculty with regional campus expansion, college growth, and collaboration with UK HealthCare. Her oversight role as chair of all executive search committees has ensured consistency and equity in these searches.

Her title change from senior associate dean to vice dean will mirror the titles of the vice dean for research and vice dean for education, reflecting the crucial role of faculty for all college missions.

She is also a professor of medicine with a clinical specialty of endocrinology and has an NIH-funded research lab studying inflammation and cardiovascular diseases.