The following individuals were honored at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine Awards Convocation on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022.

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Biomedical Education

Outstanding Graduate Student Award:
Caroline N. Smith

Recognizes demonstrated continuous success in academics and research and service to the University and community by a graduate trainee


Outstanding Postdoctoral Researcher Award:
Jennifer Castle, MD

Recognizes demonstrated continuous success in research and service to the University and community by a postdoctoral trainee


The Dr. Madhav and Dr. Radhika Devalaraja Outstanding Graduate Student Thesis Award:
Alexandria Early Linton and Martha Sim

For a graduate student, entering their final year of study, whose thesis is inspiring and innovative and displays high-impact subject matter research


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Lyman T. Johnson Awards:
Ayodele Osasona, MD (alumnus), Kaylin Batey (medical student), Edric Winford (graduate student)

The Lyman T. Johnson Awards are given to Black members of the UK community whose faith, hard work, and determination have positively impacted the lives of people on campus, the city, state, or nation

Lyman T. Johnson Torch of Excellence Award

Ayodele Osasona, MD

Lyman T Johnson. Torch Bearer Award

Kaylin Batey

Edric Winford


Graduate Medical Education

Resident/Fellow Excellence in Teaching Award:
Benjamin McKenzie, MD (LEX)

Given to a current resident or fellow who demonstrates a passion for teaching others and demonstrates excellence in this role. This resident or fellow may have an interest in academic medicine and provides excellent teaching to others (e.g. peers, medical students, other learners) while also demonstrating professionalism.


Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award:
Vishakhadatta Mathur Kumaraswamy, MD (LEX)

Given to a current faculty member who demonstrates a passion for teaching residents and/or fellows and demonstrates excellence in this role. The faculty member is recognized as a mentor and role model in academic medicine and demonstrates professionalism while teaching. The faculty member demonstrates inclusiveness while teaching and knowledge of adult learning principles.


Community Preceptor Award:
Punnaivanam Ravisankar, MD (LEX)

Given to an individual who provides an excellent learning opportunity in the community for UK GME residents and/or fellows. This individual displays outstanding professionalism and dedication to teaching UK GME learners in the community setting.


Program Coordinator Excellence Award:
Stephanie Gaiser (LEX)

Given to a UK GME program coordinator who consistently demonstrates excellent work in meeting and exceeding the expectations of this role. This individual is invaluable to the program director and learners in the GME program and goes above and beyond to provide high-quality service and support in the role.


Program Director Excellence Award:
Alla Grigorian, MD, PhD (LEX)

Given to a UK GME program director who consistently demonstrates excellence in meeting and exceeding the expectations of this role. This individual is recognized by the learners in the GME program for outstanding leadership qualities including advocacy, mentorship, and professionalism. This individual works to ensure an excellent clinical learning environment for GME learners.


Medical Education

William R Willard Dean's Recognition Award:
Joseph Zwischenberger, MD, Professor of Surgery

Award for significant and longstanding dedication to medical education


Irving and Ester Kanner Memorial Award:
Alexandra Johnston (Lex)

A medical student for high academic performance in the basic science curriculum with excellence in physical diagnosis


Wilson Reflection Award

Bowling Green

Madeline Blair

Katelin Maggard


Rebecca Fine

Hannah Freibert

Cassity High

Akhil Pallerla

Skyler Palmer

Northern Kentucky

Andrew Arnold

Rural Physician Leadership Program

Fathi Abdi

Bradley Firchow


Team Player Award

Class of 2024 (M2)

Bowling Green

Shivam Champineria (Holsteiner)

Julia Johnson (Trakehner)


Mariana Arce (Mustang)

Mara Atherton (Haflinger)

Derek Hocker (Clydesdale)

Rebika Khanal (Friesian)

Miranda Lin (Friesian)

Kate Moore (Thoroughbred)

Peyton Roach (Paso Fino)

Clay Williams (Friesian)

Northern Kentucky

Callen Conroy (Rhinelander)

Jon Feazell (Appaloosa)


Class of 2025 (M1)

Bowling Green

Kendal Pryor (Holsteiner)

Challee Shartzer (Trakehner)


Catherine Durbin (Friesian)

Bradley Firchow (Clydesdale)

John Nelson (Paso Fino)

Katherine Stiles (Thoroughbred)

Margaret Stull (Mustang)

Derick Tompkins (Haflinger)

Pranav Tyagi (Paso Fino)

Northern Kentucky

Daniel Mink (Rhinelander)

Megan Yadav (Appaloosa)


Patient-Centered Communication Award

Bowling Green

Wendi King

Darayon Moore


Rashmi Bharadwaj

Margaux Danby

Shawn Dripchak

Catherine Durbin

Sydney Winchester

Northern Kentucky

Andrew Arnold

Kendyl Gilliam

Rural Physician Leadership Program

Mallory Allen

Bradley Firchow


First-Year Achievement Award

Bowling Green

Katelin Maggard

Joseph Mattingly


Lindsay Beechem

Evan Conder

Alec Dupont

Rachel Fine

Rebecca Fine

Sara Hieneman

Cassity High

Sophia Humphrey

Parvanee Karimpour

Graham Meek

Christina Meeks

Margret Roe

Allison Wright

Northern Kentucky

Brooke Bailey

Michelle Bosse

Colton Hartig


Second-Year Achievement Award

Bowling Green

Chandler Dunn

Austin Matney

Daniel Rozefort


Sawyer Blair

Nicole Chandler

Emad Chishti

Bennett Collis

Ryan Hines

Eric Honaker

Alexandra Johnston

Jeffrey Kuerzi

Clay Larkin

Sarah Purdy

Christa Saelinger

Jason Zheng

Northern Kentucky

Ashley Childress

Cheyenne Krehl

Krista Murphy

Rural Physician Leadership Program

Sydney Fitzpatrick


Advanced Skills Clinical Award

Bowling Green

Reid Baker

Tiara Moore

Chase Rawls

Vivek Shah


Mariana Arce

Emad Chishti

Sophia Daniel

Sara Lee

Nicole Perez

Peyton Roach

Christa Saelinger

Casey Thompson

Emilie Touma

Mahala Walker

Gregory Watts

Northern Kentucky

Lauren DiTommaso

Ashton Dix

Cheyenne Krehl

Krista Murphy

Rural Physician Leadership Program

Makayla Arnett

Sydney Fitzpatrick

Christine Sharrer

Shey Trent

Matthew Webb


Entrustable Clinical Skills Award

Bowling Green

Sydnie Jamison

Joseph McIntyre

Dylan Sanford


Kaylin Batey

Katie Breetz

Charles Coomer

Sam Fugate

Jonathan Greene

Abby Isaacs

T.J. Janes, Jr.

Sean Noble

Maxwell Rakutt

Nicole Robertson

Mark Sirianno

Madeline Tierney

Northern Kentucky

Morgan Bahnsen

Allison Kippler

Rebecca Waugh

Rural Physician Leadership Program

Shelley Stiltner (RPLP)


Academy of Medical Educator Excellence in Medical Education Award

Timothy Ainger, PhD, Neurology, Innovation

Tarek Ali, MBBS, MEd, Neurology, Teaching

Jagriti Chadha, MD, MPH Internal Medicine, Development

Claire Clark, PhD, Behavioral Science, Teaching and Leadership

Rolf Craven, PhD, Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences, Development

Zain Guduru, MD, Neurology, Innovation

Alan Hall, MD, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, Innovation

Fareesh Kanga, MD, Psychiatry, Teaching

Sid Kapoor, MD, MBA, Neurology, Mentorship

Sally Mathias, MD, Neurology, Mentorship

Sara Police, PhD, Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences, Leadership

Reshma Ramlal, MD, Internal Medicine, Mentorship

Padmaja Sudhakar, MD, Neurology and Ophthalmology, Innovation

Nathan Vanderford, PhD, MBA, Toxicology and Cancer Biology, Teaching


Distinguished Teaching Award – Core Principles Phase (Faculty)

Class of 2024 (M2) Faculty

Katherine (Katie) E. Twist, MD (Lex/RPLP/NKY)

Brian P. Higgins, PhD (Lex/RPLP)

John R. Kotter, MD (Lex/RPLP)

Boutros Peter Sawaya, MD (Lex/RPLP)

Diana Cavanah Propst, MD (BG) (Dr. Diana Cavanah)

Class of 2025 (M1) Faculty

Brian P. Higgins, PhD (LEX/RPLP/NKY/BG)

Katherine (Katie) E. Twist, MD (LEX/RPLP)


Distinguished Teaching Award – Application Phase (Faculty)

Class of 2023 (M3) Faculty

Noreen K. Durrani, MD (NKY)

Katherine Kinsel, MD (LEX)

Kelly Kries, MD (BG)

Prakash Pandalai, MD (LEX)

John B. Romond, MD (LEX)

William L. Wilson, DO (LEX)

Steven M. Koenig, MD (RPLP)


Distinguished Teaching Award – Application Phase (Residents)

Class of 2023 (M3) Residents

Bianca Arboleda, MD (LEX)

Alissa Lenz, DO (NKY)

Victoria Shaw, DO (BG)

Wesley Wilt, MD (LEX)

Daniel Yackzan, MD (RPLP)


Classroom Teaching Development Program

For CTD1 - Faculty

Ryan J. Beyer, MD (LEX)

Gang Chen, PhD (LEX)

Katherine (Katie) M. Donaldson, MD (LEX)

Konstantin V. Korotkov, PhD (LEX)

TK Logan, PhD (LEX)

For CTD2 - Faculty

Brian A. Jackson, PhD (LEX)

Fareesh H. Kanga, MD (LEX)

Michael (Mike) K. Kuduk, MD (LEX)

Reema A. Patel, MD (LEX)

Kristen M. Platt, PhD (LEX)

Sara B. Police, PhD (LEX)

Reshma Ramlal, MD (LEX)

Christopher (Chris) R. Simmons, MD, PhD (LEX)

Thad E. Wilson, PhD (LEX)