LEXINGTON, Ky. (Feb. 22, 2021) —
 Rebecca Dutch, chair of the University of Kentucky's Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, continues to help lead researchers and faculty from multiple disciplines across UK as part of the global effort to treat, understand and eradicate COVID-19.

Dutch last spoke with "Behind the Blue" in April of 2020, discussing the COVID-19 Unified Research Experts (CURE) Alliance team, a workgroup supported by the UK College of Medicine and Office of Vice President for Research, which works to bring together UK experts from across the campus to focus on advising COVID-19 patient care and clinical trials based on emerging research and potential treatment options.

On this episode of "Behind the Blue," Dutch talks about the new vaccines being used to combat the coronavirus, the genetic variations of the virus that are appearing in different parts of the world, her outlook for when we may emerge from the pandemic, and more.

Read more about CURE here: http://uknow.uky.edu/research/university-kentucky-researchers-unite-fight-covid-19.

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