The Medical Student Support Program

The Medical Student Support Program is a program sponsored by the department of psychiatry and the UK College of Medicine Dean’s Office that offers mental health services for all medical students. To schedule an appointment, call 859-218-5862. Please leave your name and identify yourself as a medical student, and someone will return your call. 

The Medical Student Support Program staff includes faculty and residents in the department of psychiatry. Strict confidentiality will be observed. Psychiatry faculty and residents who treat students will never evaluate them on clinical rotations.

Psychiatrist taking notes on a sheet of paper

University of Health Services Behavioral Health

Student Health Behavioral Health is located in the University Health Services (or Student Health) building near the Kentucky Clinic and the Wethington Building. The clinic is staffed by psychiatrists and other mental health providers who provide counseling and medication management for a variety of conditions. To schedule an appointment, please call 859-323-5511.