Spring Semester


Date Event Title Speaker Location
01/11/2023 Cancelled - Scheduling Conflict BBSRB 331
01/18/2023 Contribution of PAI-1 to Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms Sohei Ito BBSRB 331
01/25/2023 Shared Equipment Proposals Gregory Frolenkov, Gregory Graf, A. Catalina Velez-Ortega BBSRB 331
02/01/2023 Making sense of RNAseq data showing that some things (probably) change in heart failure and with a novel heart failure therapy. Jonathan Satin and Gregory Hawke BBSRB 331
02/08/2023 Cancelled - No Speaker BBSRB 331
02/15/2023 Enhanced formation and activation of the ABCG5 ABCG8 sterol transporter in the treatment of Sitosterolemia and hypercholesterolemia Gregory Graf BBSRB 331
02/22/2023 Axon growth in chronic spinal cord injury repair: Long-term effects of sustaining growth on functional recovery, regeneration, and neuronal health Andrew Stewart BBSRB 331
03/01/2023 Cancelled - No Speaker TBA BBSRB 331
03/08/2023 Cancelled - No Speaker TBA BBSRB 331
03/15/2023 Cancelled - No Speaker TBA BBSRB 331
03/22/2023 WIPS, Predictors of cardiac growth Kenneth Campbell BBSRB 331
03/29/2023 Available TBA BBSRB 331
04/05/2023 Available TBA BBSRB 331
04/12/2023 Available TBA BBSRB 331
04/19/2023 Available TBA BBSRB 331
04/26/2023 Available TBA BBSRB 331


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