Date Event Title Speaker Location Host
06/07/2023 The sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor 1 antagonist Ponesimod reduces TLR4-induced neuroinflammation and increases Aβ clearance Zhihui Zhu BBSRB 331 Bieberich lab
06/21/2023 Disruption of cerebral hemodynamics and brain connectome after mild traumatic brain injury Lei Chen BBSRB 331 Chen Lab
07/05/2023 Time-of-day specificity of anticancer drugs may be mediated by circadian regulation of the cell cycle Cheavar Blair BBSRB 331 Blair Lab
07/19/2023 Grant Outline: Circadian Regulation of Cardiac Electrophysiology Brian Delisle BBSRB 331 Delisle Lab
08/02/2023 Regeneration of elastic fibers in chronic Stanford type B aortic dissection Hisashi Sawada BBSRB 331 Sawada Lab
08/16/2023 Unlocking genetics to identify T cell regulators for Alzheimer's Disease Steve Estus BBSRB 331 Estus Lab
08/30/2023 Cancelled
09/13/2023 Exploring chromosomal vs. hormonal sex differences in spinal cord injury John Gensel BBSRB 202A Gensel Lab
09/27/2023 Antidiabetic GLP-1RA Exenatide: a potential chronotherapy for Alzheimer's disease in mice with diabetes? Ming Gong BBSRB 202A Gong Lab
10/11/2023 TBA TBA BBSRB 202A Gordon Lab
10/25/2023 TBA TBA BBSRB 202A Graf Lab
11/08/2023 TBA TBA BBSRB 202A Hubbard Lab
11/15/2023 TBA TBA BBSRB 202A Johnson Lab
12/06/2023 TBA TBA BBSRB 202A Frolenkov Lab
12/20/2023 TBA TBA BBSRB 331 Li Lab
01/03/2024 TBA TBA BBSRB 331 Lu Lab
01/17/2024 TBA TBA BBSRB 331 McCarthy Lab
01/31/2024 TBA TBA BBSRB 331 McClintock Lab
02/14/2024 TBA TBA BBSRB 331 Nikolova-Karakashian Lab
02/28/2024 TBA TBA BBSRB 331 Patel Lab
03/13/2024 TBA TBA BBSRB 331 Rabchevsky Lab
03/27/2024 TBA TBA BBSRB 331 Saatman Lab
04/10/2024 TBA TBA BBSRB 331 Satin Lab
04/24/2024 TBA TBA BBSRB 331 Daugherty Lab
05/08/2024 TBA TBA BBSRB 331 Spassieva Lab
05/22/2024 TBA TBA BBSRB 331 Temel Lab
06/05/2024 TBA TBA BBSRB 331 Velez-Ortega Lab
06/19/2024 TBA TBA BBSRB 331 Waters Lab
07/03/2024 TBA TBA BBSRB 331 Frolenkov Lab


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