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Juanita Ferreira, MBBS


  • GME Resident
  • Chief Resident

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Why did you choose the University of Kentucky?

The educational goals of UK align with my interests. There is emphasis on fostering well rounded physicians with ample opportunities for involvement in teaching and research. Impressive interview experience with the program-faculty, staff, and residents very personable and detailed in their interactions. The program is resident focused offering great exposure to a variety of cases in anatomic and clinical pathology, thus creating a solid foundation for training. In addition to the above, Lexington is a city filled with horse farms and parks, providing comfort for those who appreciate nature, and at the same time, also offers many urban amenities.   

What are your hobbies?

Spending time with family, library visits with my son, learning and embracing new cultures through travel, taking walks in parks, writing poetry, reading and cooking.


Current Year: PGY-3
China Medical University (MBBS and M. Med)
Hometown: St. Joseph, Dominica