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Ranjan Banerjee, MD


  • GME Fellow

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Biography and Education


Ranjan was born and raised in Raleigh, NC and completed both undergraduate and medical school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He then moved to Greenville, South Carolina for a combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics residency at Prisma Health - Upstate, where he discovered his passion for cardiology and medical education. He has been fortunate to work with amazing educators and take care of a wide spectrum of patients during his time at UK. He plans to pursue further training in Adult Congenital Heart Disease after completion of his General Cardiology fellowship. In his free time, he enjoys singing, cooking, and taking advantage of the many restaurants, distilleries, and natural attractions Lexington and its surroundings have to offer.


Current Year: PGY-6
Prisma Health - Upstate (IM/Peds residency)

Selected Publications

1. Banerjee R, Hillerson D, Leung SW, Sorrel VL. ST-Segment Elevation in a Patient With Nausea, Vomiting, and Intracerebral Hemorrhage. Journal of the American Academy of Cardiology. 2021.

2. Banerjee R, Patel MS. Morbidity and Mortality in Adults with Congenital Heart Disease: The Critical Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care. Journal of Clinical Outcomes and Management. 2018.

3. Banerjee R, Bultman BJ, Holley D, Spaniel C, Bain JR, Newgard CB, Muehlbauer MJ, Willis MS: Nontargeted metabolomics of Brg1/Brm double-mutant cardiomyocytes reveals a novel role for SWI/SNF complexes in metabolic homeostasis. Metabolomics. Published online 5 February 2015. DOI 10.1007/s11306-015-0786-7.

4. Banerjee R, He J, Spaniel C, Quintana MT, Wang Z, Bain J, Newgard CB, Muehlbauer MJ, Willis MS: Nontargeted metabolomics analysis of cardiac Muscle Ring Finger-1 (MuRF1), MuRF2, and MuRF3 in vivo reveals novel and redundant metabolic changes. Metabolomics. 2015; 11:312-322. DOI10.1007/s11306-015-0786-7.

5. Banerjee R, Pathmasiri W, Snyder R, McRitchie S, Sumner S. (2012) Metabolomics of brain and reproductive organs: characterizing the impact of gestational exposure to butylbenzyl phthalate on dams and resultant offspring. Metabolomics. 8(6):1012-1025.