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Nakeya Dewaswala, MBBS


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Outside of medicine, she loves traveling and watching animated movies.


Nakeya was born and brought up in Mumbai, India where she also attended medical school. She moved to Lexington after completing her residency at the University of Miami/JFK Medical Center to be closer to her family in Eastern Kentucky. Nakeya is excited to explore her multiple interests in cardiology at UK and has yet to decide on what to pursue after general training. She is passionate about outcomes-based research and the use of artificial intelligence in medicine. She has an interest in clinical education and uses her website, Medicowesome, for the same. She is also a medical illustrator. Outside of medicine, she loves traveling and watching animated movies.


Current Year: PGY-6
University of Miami (IM residency)

Selected Publications

Al Abbasi, B., Torres, P., Ramos-Tuarez, F., Dewaswala, N., Abdallah, A., Chen, K., Abdul Qader, M., Job, R., Aboulenain, S., Dziadkowiec, K., Bhopalwala, H., Pino, J. E. & Chait, R. D. Cardiac Troponin-I and COVID-19: A Prognostic Tool for In-Hospital Mortality. Cardiology Research. 2020 Dec;11(6):398-404. PMID: 33224386.

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Bhopalwala, H., Dewaswala, N., Kolagatla, S., Wisnieski, L., Piercy, J., Bhopalwala, A., & Moka, N. Predictors of Mortality for Patients with COVID-19 in the Rural Appalachian Region. International Journal of General Medicine. 2022 Feb 27;15:2207-2214. PMID: 35250298.

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Vallabhajosyula, S., Bhopalwala, H., Sundaragiri, P.R., Dewaswala, N., Cheungpasitporn W., Prasad, A., Sandhu, G.S., Jaffe, A.S., Gersh, B.J., Holmes, D.R., & Barsness, G.W. Cardiogenic Shock Complicating Non-ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction: An 18-Year National Cohort Study. American Heart Journal. 2022 Feb;244:54-65. PMID: 34774802.

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