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Dr. Janice Kregor, joined the faculty of Behavioral Science in the UK College of Medicine in the fall of 2006, teaching the first-year students as an Assistant Professor in the course now called Introduction to Clinical Medicine. Prior to this time, Dr. Kregor practiced General Pediatrics for 26 years. (MD graduate of UKCOM 1981, University of Michigan Pediatric Residency 1981-1984.) Her areas of expertise while practicing clinical medicine included evaluation of child abuse and neglect, and care of children with problems such as Cerebral Palsy. Dr. Kregor practiced in the General Pediatric Clinic at UK for 16 years supervising students and resident physicians.  She changed from clinical practice to teaching because of an eye condition.  To the benefit of all, Dr. Kregor is able to bring her experience of being a physician, patient, former medical student at UK, and now teacher for the past 16 years to help the students become smart and kind physicians! For the ICM course, Dr. Kregor has re-written the teaching materials for interviewing skills in a memorable, practical, kind, and accessible format.  She has developed the practice LABS for interviewing skills and hosted the students for the past 13 years (even by Zoom during the Pandemic!). For the past 3 years, Dr. Kregor has been preceptor for 3 ICM small groups (prior to that 2 groups). One student wrote “Dr. Kregor is a wonderful instructor who cares deeply about her students and about teaching her students to be empathetic physicians.”



Janice M. Kregor, M.D. joined the faculty of Behavioral Science in the UK College of Medicine in the fall of 2006, teaching first year students in the course now called Introduction to Clinical Medicine.  Prior to this time, she practiced General Pediatrics for 25 years. Dr. Kregor has been a preceptor for 2 ICM small groups, and is also primarily responsible for administering the interviewing training and practice sessions that the students have with Standardized Patients.  For the academic year of 2018-2019, there are a total of 9 twelve hour Lab periods scheduled. She received excellent evaluations from students in her small groups.  One student wrote, “Dr. Kregor made spending my Tuesday afternoons in class way more fun than I could have ever imagined. I looked forward to each and every class, simply to hear her take on everything and learn not only how to be a better doctor, but how to take care of myself in such trying times. I learned that it's okay to cry, it's okay to not always have everything together, and it's okay to not always be on my A game. I without a doubt can say I will be a better Doctor because of her.” Dr. Kregor also filled in for faculty who needed to miss teaching a class.  This included one ICM small group meeting, and one graduate level class meeting for Dr. Anita Fernander on Health Care Disparities.