About the Core

The Protein Core facilitates recombinant protein production and characterization of macromolecules, making available well-maintained equipment and instrumentation not normally found within individual laboratories. In addition, this core provides a single chain antibody (nanobody) production service. The mission of the Protein Core is to provide training and access to its facilities for members of the Center as well as the research community in general. Projects are undertaken on a service basis. A full time staff member maintains the core equipment, provides training to new users, works with researchers to make the best use of the instrumentation, and oversees scheduling.

The Core has the capabilities to assist researchers in moving their project from protein expression to biophysical characterization to protein crystallization. The core assists in cell culture, protein production and purification, and macromolecular characterization through a number of techniques. Nanobodies are produced in alpacas through the core. Researchers can make use of core instrumentation on a regular basis unassisted by core personnel after initial training. Core personnel offer training on all instruments and equipment, as well as a higher-level of assistance when projects warrant. Additionally, service projects are undertaken, including protein production, using heterologous expression in bacteria, insect, or mammalian cells, and protein purification.

Current charges for the services provided by the Cores are listed below. 

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The Genetic Technologies and Protein Cores are now offering a service called SnapGene. SnapGene is a program which allows researchers to plan, visualize, and document their molecular biology procedures. To learn more about the program, go to: 

Important: This service is only available to University of Kentucky researchers.

For access to SnapGene, please contact Dr. Michael Mendenhall.


Protein Expression and Affinity Purification from E Coli (1 liter)

Internal Rate: $1,150

External Rate: $1,750

Protein Expression and Affinity Purification in Insect Cells (Baculovirus 200 ml)

Internal Rate: $2,400

External Rate: $3,600

Protein Expression and Affinity Purification in Mammalian Cells (100 ml)

Internal Rate: $2,500

External Rate: $3,250

Each additional Purification Step (E. Coli. Baculovirus, or Mammalian Cells)

Internal Rate: $500

External Rate: $750

Gene Synthesis Including Mutagenesis (Codon Optimized)

Internal Rate: Quote

External Rate: Quote

Characterization of Macromolecule by Dynamic Light Scattering

Internal Rate: $250

External Rate: $375

Circular Dichroism Spectrum

Internal Rate: $250

External Rate: $375

Thermal Melt Curve

Internal Rate: $300

External Rate: $450

Characterization of Binding by Isothermal Titration-Calorimetry

Internal Rate: $550

External Rate: $825

Ligand Screening by Differential Scanning Fluorometry

Internal Rate: $400

External Rate: $600


Internal Rate: $175

External Rate: $265

Nanobody Production (1 mg Purified Nanobody, Sequence, and Clone)

Internal Rate: $6,000

External Rate: $9,000

Additional Purified Nanobody (Per mg)

Internal Rate: $400

External Rate: $600

Additional Validated Nanobody Clones*

Internal Rate: $400

External Rate: $600

*From clones previously identified as positive clones

Additional Validated Nanobody Clones*

Internal Rate: $600

External Rate: $900

* From clones previously sequenced but not validated

Phagemid Librray From Which Nanobody was Isolated

Internal Rate: $750

External Rate: $975

Expression Clone Fused to Reporter

Internal Rate: $400

External Rate: $600

Nanobody Library in Phage Display Vector From Alpacas Immunized With Supplied Antigen

Internal Rate: $2,500

External Rate: $3,500

Nanobody Clone Isolated From Naïve Alpaca Library

Internal Rate: $4,000

External Rate: $6,000

Internal Rate: $4,000 External Rate: $6,000

Internal Rate: quote

External Rate: quote

Western Blot with User Supplied or Common Antibody

Internal Rate: $200

External Rate: $300

Maturation of Nanobody From Naïve Alpaca Library

Internal Rate: quote

External Rate: quote

Hourly Rates

Special Projects

Internal Rate: $82.50/hr

External Rate: $124/hr

Training and Consulting

Internal Rate: $82.50/hr

External Rate: $125/hr

Instruments Available in the Protein Core

Cell Culture

  • New Brunswick BioFlow 3000 10 Liter Fermenters
  • Tissue Culture Facility for Mammalian and Insect Cells
  • Wheaton Roller Bottle Apparatus for Adherent Culture
  • Wheaton Microstir 4PL and Spinner Flasks for Suspension Culture

Protein Purification

  • Microfluidics 110Y High-Volume Cell Cracking Device
  • GE Healthcare AKTA Chromatography Systems With Associated Columns and Resins

Analytical Instrumentation

  • Waters Breeze High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Apparatus
  • Jasco J-810 Spectropolarimeter
  • Perkin-Elmer LS55 Spectrofluorometer
  • Molecular Devices Spectra Max Fluorescent Plate Readers
  • MicroCal VP-ITC Isothermal Titration Calorimeter
  • Wyatt NanoStar Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument

Structural Biology

  • TTP Labtech Mosquito Crystallization Screening Robot
  • Rigaku Minstrel DT UV Automated Imager
  • SER-CAT Macromolecular Data Collection Facility at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Lab