About the Core

The Advanced Genetic Technologies Core offers services related to the manipulation and delivery of nucleic acids to biological systems. Services are now offered through the Protein Core and include:

• Production and tittering of recombinant viral vectors - lentivirus and AAV
• Development of plasmids and/or RNAs for CRISPR/Cas manipulation
• piggyBac transposon delivery systems

The Core maintains an extensive stock of plasmids that provide components for building constructs envisioned by the investigator

SnapGene logo


The Genetic Technologies and Protein Cores are now offering a service called SnapGene. SnapGene is a program which allows researchers to plan, visualize, and document their molecular biology procedures. To learn more about the program, go to: 

Important: This service is only available to University of Kentucky researchers.

For access to SnapGene, please contact Dr. Michael Mendenhall.